the Spherical Snake

the First Contact

Everyone knows the famous video game Snake popularized by Nokia in 1998 on their mobile phones, discover Snaky Snake a 3D remake available on Android, Ios and some other devices. Explore dozens of tiny planets, like in Mario Galaxy, at the command of Snaky or one of his friends in Snaky Snake. Help them to fill their bellies and try to reach the best score to be the number one on the leaderboard.

Several Characters

Collect many characters already available and all the others that will arrive gradually.

Various Universes

Discover dozens of nano-planets with unique atmospheres and colorful designs.

Special Abilities

Use the special abilities of certain characters to alter the universe or the time and reaching high scores.

Challenge your Friends

Compare your scores on leaderboards and try to defeat your friends!

Free To Play

Snaky Snake is free and all its content is unlockable by playing.